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Circle the correct main idea for each paragraph.

For decades doctors have warned us about the dangers of stress and have given us advice about how to cut down our stress levels. Everyone agrees that long-term stress, for example having to look after someone who has a chronic illness, or stressful situations where there is nothing we can do, for example being stuck in a traffic jam, is bad for our health and should be avoided whenever possible. However, some medical experts now believe that certain kinds of stress may actually be good for us.

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Circle the correct main idea for each paragraph.

Dr Marios Kyriazis, an anti-ageing expert, claims that what he calls 'good stress' is beneficial to our health and may, in fact, help us stay young and attractive and even live longer. Dr Kyriazis says that 'good stress' can strengthen our natural defences which protect us from illnesses common among older people, such as Alzheimer's, arthritis, and heart problems. He believes that 'good stress' can increase the production of the proteins that help to repair the body's cells, including brain cells.

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Circle the correct main idea for each paragraph.

According to Dr Kyriazis, running for a bus or having to work to a deadline are examples of 'good stress, that is situations with short-term, low or moderate stress. The stress usually makes us react quickly and efficiently, and gives us a sense of achievement —we did it! However, in both these situations, the stress damages the cells in our body or brain and they start to break down. But then the cells' own repair mechanism 'switches on' and it produces proteins which repair the damaged cells and remove harmful chemicals that can gradually cause disease. In fact, the body's response is greater than is needed to repair the damage, so it actually makes the cells stronger than they were before.

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Circle the correct main idea for each paragraph.

'As the body gets older, this self-repair mechanism of the cells starts to slow down,' says Dr Kyriazis. 'The best way to keep the process working efficiently is to 'exercise' it, in the same way you would exercise your muscles to keep them strong. This means having a certain amount of stress in our lives.' Other stressful activities that Kyriazis recommends as being good stress include redecorating a room in your house over a weekend, packing your suitcase in a hurry to reach the airport on time, shopping for a dinner party during your lunch break or programming your DVD or video recorder by following the instruction manual.

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Dr. Mario Kyrianziz is an ______________ expert.

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Which of these examples is not consider ‘good stress’?

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According to Dr. Mario Kyrianziz ‘good stress’ does not prevent _____________.

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Doing exercise helps to make our _____________ bigger and stronger.

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When we treat our body badly  we _________ it.

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Something which is bad for us is ____________.

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